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Symptoms of chronic bartholinitis usually appear during menstruation, after suffering hypothermia, during seasonal infectious diseases and against the background of a general decrease in immunity.

  • In chronic bartholinitis, the pain is not as intense as in its acute course, the body temperature rarely rises to high levels, the woman's performance most often does not decrease.
  • Bartholinitis during pregnancy requires special attention.

A pyogenic infection, which caused the onset of the disease, can overcome the placental barrier and enter the circulatory system of an unborn child. Extremely dangerous consequences are possible in the first trimester of pregnancy, when all future systems and organs of the baby are laid and formed.

Treatment of bartholinitis should be carried out in a hospital under the constant supervision of zofran pills. After opening a purulent abscess and draining it, the gynecologist, as a rule, prescribes appropriate treatment with antibiotics and sulfa drugs. If necessary, the issue of complete removal of the Bartholin's gland is resolved and its husking is carried out. After discharge from the hospital, to prevent and prevent the onset of symptoms of bartholinitis, on the other hand, a woman must strictly observe the rules of personal hygiene. As independent measures, periodic sitz baths with diluted (slightly pink) potassium permanganate solution or chamomile decoction can be advised. The time of taking such a bath is about twenty minutes.

Video from YouTube on the topic of the article: The information is generalized and is provided for informational purposes only. Seek medical attention at generic ondansetron sign of illness. Self-medication is dangerous to health! Symptoms, causes and treatment of bartholinitis.

Those who are familiar with the listed symptoms know very well that we are talking about the most unpleasant disease - bartholinitis. Fortunately, bartholinitis in women is not so common and is diagnosed mainly in childbearing age. The vestibule of the vagina is quite reliably protected by the labia minora, which are nothing more than skin folds, but so tender that they look like a mucous membrane. Outside, the labia minora cover the labia majora, which are connected from above and below by adhesions (anterior and posterior).

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In large pubic lips there is adipose tissue and many sweat and sebaceous glands, the lips themselves are intensively covered with hair (secondary sexual characteristic). But, in addition to the above, Bartholin's glands are localized in the depths of the large shameful lips (they have a rounded shape and dimensions of no more than 1 cm). The duct of the glands (they are also called the large glands of the vestibule of the vagina) is displayed at the entrance to the vagina, in the place where the hymen is located. Since there are 2 large and small pubic lips, respectively, there are also 2 large glands of the vestibule of the vagina.

Bartholinitis is a disease of the reproductive sphere, which is characterized by an inflammatory process in the Bartholin gland due to the penetration of infectious agents into it. As a rule, only one side of the Bartholin gland is involved in the process. As a result of inflammation, the parenchyma of the gland and the surrounding tissue are melted, an inflammatory capsule with purulent contents is formed.